Lost ring

I encourage all members to read the comments on any and all posts here. People will often post requests for help finding lost items. There is one such request posted as a comment on the previous post. Please if you can help, the contact information is in the message.

I hope to create a page instructing people who want help to send a private message to me, Steve or any other volunteers from our club. I hope that in this way, people needing help don’t have to post personal phone numbers and names in our blog thus protecting their identities.


Late notice about December meet

Hello everyone,

What with the holidays and all, I am just now getting to tell you all that this months meeting will happen at Alley park at the usual time of 3pm to 6pm or whenever people want to go home.

Again, tomorrow, Sunday December 7 (a day which shall live in infamy) at Alley park on south Seneca from 3pm to 6pm.


Perhaps a future a detectorist was in the group

Next to my favorite park there is an elementary school and in the park itself, there is a community center. Often, teachers from the school will bring their classes to the community center.

The other day, as I was detecting the park, such a group walked by close enough for me to hear what they were saying:

Child (pointing at me): “Mrs, what is that?”
Teacher: “It’s a metal detector. Metal detecting is a popular past time.”
Child: “Is he looking for treasure?”
Teacher: “He’s looking for any items from the past that may be interesting”

I was quite moved by this. This teacher lady took the opportunity to teach when the child asked what I was doing AND she portrayed the hobby in such a positive light that it made me wonder if one or two of those children will grow up to take up our hobby. We don’t always get that kind of advocacy and I wanted to make sure to let you guys know that not everybody hates what we do.

Happy Hunting!


Non-confrontational and polite

In your time in this hobby, you will eventually run into somebody who doesn’t understand what we do, or is misinformed about what we do, or is just plain angry about what we do.

The best way to deal with people in the above categories is simply to inform them. One of the benefits of belonging to the Wheat State Treasure Hunters is that you will get the correct information regarding what we can or cannot do in city parks. With that information, you can calmly educate those who haven’t yet discovered the joys of metal detecting.

Case in point; this afternoon I was hunting in my favorite park when I was approached by a Parks employee. He asked me to stop “digging up the park”. As he was being polite and professional, I remained calm and told him I was not digging up the park. He then asked that I produced the permit that allowed me to do what I was doing. I responded that the city didn’t require permits for metal detecting in city parks. He said, that yes, a permit was required. I told him that he was misinformed and that he could call the police. He told me he would call his supervisor.

At that point I thanked him for being concerned and I went about the business of locating and extracting a cool coin or two. After about 30 minutes the city employee returned and said his supervisor told him that indeed a permit was required and that I had to produce it. I again politely but firmly told him that it was legal for me to metal detect in the park and that the city did not require a permit. I then told him that I was a member of this club and that the club conducted metal detecting classes on behalf of the city. I pointed him to the Parks and Recreations catalog.

After a few more minutes of discussion, everything worked out OK. He wished me a good afternoon and I went on to find three wheats and a vintage child’s copper ring, with stones (fake, sigh!).

The city employee was professional and polite at all times and so was I. Let us not forget that at every interaction with non-detectorists, we represent our hobby. We work hard not to destroy our parks and we should work hard not to destroy the image of metal detecting. It is worth mentioning that I, at no point, thought of leaving the park. I was involved in the legal use of our city park. I wouldn’t have felt so secure in my position were it not for the work that we all have done to make sure we have a good relationship with the city. We must continue to work to develop as good a relationship with our community.

Keep up the good work and don’t miss our next meeting :)

David a.k.a pulltabMiner.

November meeting and a little extra

Well, I want to start out by sharing information about our November meeting. We had the opportunity to hunt some private land that was arranged by one of our members. The site consisted of 8 empty lots on one block. The houses dated back to the 1950’s. The wind was howling but it was a pretty nice day overall. We started out with 6-8 guys but by the end of the hunt we had 10-12 join us.

Those of us that were at the hunt ready to roll!

Those of us that were at the hunt ready to roll!

Personally the only interesting thing I found was a 1944 coin from India and a couple of wheats. There were a few silver coins found and a whole handful of wheat pennies. I have to give out a big Thank you to Vince for sharing his site with the club. We had a great time! Now our December meeting will be an actual meeting and I have created a little survey below for you guys to state your opinions about. Please take a moment to respond and we will see what we come up with!

What a neat deal!

This last weekend we held our final class for the year. I haven’t kept a tally but it seems as though we taught 7 or 8 classes throughout the last 12 months. All in all it has been a great deal. Every class we teach brings something to the table. It seems like people from all walks of life enjoy the idea of getting into the hobby. We have had classes with kids, women, and grown men. Our most recent class was a small class of 4. It was nice because we had 4 club members present which gave us a 1:1 ratio when we went outside for the hands on training. What really surprised me is the fact that 3/4 of the class were ladies. It was kind of cool to see them interested in the hobby. I’m not certain what these classes mean long term, but I’m certain that it means there is interest in the hobby and interest in learning how to do it.

The City of Wichita has asked us to do a couple of classes next year and I’m certain that other cities will come forward to hold classes. Until then we have a few meetings to tackle without having to worry about classes. We have a couple of good places to detect that are not public parks and hopefully we can find some goodies in the ground.

Til next time,
Good Luck and Happy Hunting *\_

Class on a stellar September Saturday

Yesterday we held our first class in Andover, KS. We started at 9:00 and we had 9 people in attendance. The surprising thing about this class was that we had 3 elementary aged young ladies in attendance. I think that is great. It’s always fun to see younger kids getting involved.


The classroom portion of the class went as normal and I have to say that even I enjoy listening to our members talk about detecting. When you have experienced md’ers who open up and start talking about their stories, research, and how to hunt it’s fun.

Earlier in the week I had decided to make the outside portion of the class a little different. Since the site of the class was newer and I knew there wouldn’t be much for our students to find I had some fun. I planted about 40 coins that were a mix of clad, wheats, and a 41 liberty head dime. The idea was whoever found the soft silver beauty would get a copy of Mr. Stouts book.
We finished up indoors and I was amazed when we went outside. I saw one gentleman swinging a Whites DFX, a couple swinging some older analog machines, and a young girl with what I believe was a Bounty Hunter Jr. It was very nice to spend an hour with these folks and answer their questions about their machines. They started plucking coins and trash out of the ground and for awhile I saw genuine excitement. This was proven when a young lady about 5 1/2 years old came running across the field telling everyone that she had found a penny! Good times…
Awhile later another young lady and her dad found the lovely lady merc!


All in all it was a great time and I want to say Thanks to the City of Andover, James Townley, and Vince Shire for making this happen.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Steveouke *\_