I would like to welcome you to our webpage. Many Wichita area metal detecting enthusiasts wanted an informal group of others who enjoyed the hobby. After much consideration we have decided to start the Wheat State Treasure Hunters. The first meeting is scheduled for May 5th 2013. We will plan on meeting the 1st Sunday of each month (I’m sure we will throw in the occasional get together for detecting). Our goal is to have a relaxed, informal environment where people can ask questions about machines, theory, research, and of course show off their finds. You will find our schedule in the upcoming events pane on the right side of the homepage. In addition, I would like to have accurate contact information for everyone who would like to be part of the group. Please email your name, phone number, and email address to wheatstatetreasurehunters@gmail.com. I will send out electronic invitations to the meetings this way. I am also planning on using this list to form “group” hunts. I envision a club member sending out an email asking if others want to join them on an upcoming hunt. I think this will be a great way for all area hunters to get to know each other and give rookies a place to go for help. We all know how mind boggling it can be for someone just starting out in the hobby. I know when I got started I was clueless until I started getting help from fellow MD’ers in the area.

I look forward to contributing to this group and I am certain we will all have a fun time.



4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Vince

    I’m interested in your group. Don’t know a single one of you. Would like to meet with MDers in the Wichita area.

  2. yaquigrande

    Welcome Vince. You can send your email address to us via email (our address is posted in the About section). We will put you on our list to receive notices. Meanwhile, you can find me around Riverside park or McAdams park just about anytime. Also, we will try to post any meetings or hunts in the front page of this blog.

    David (aka pulltabMiner)

  3. Anthony Rodriguez

    I found a silver Rosevelt 1954 by my house off central and ridge. I also found several wheat pennies around this date.

    1. stevessunkentreasures Post author

      Anthony, one thing that amazes me is how there is good stuff everywhere. Congrats on the silver. If I remember correctly there is a pretty old school over there somewhere that would be worth hitting.


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