What kind of treasure hunter?

Tonight I want to bring up something for our area hunters to ponder on. What kind of hunter are you or do you think you want to be. I had a group member tell me the other day that he wanted to specialize in field hunting. Pulltab Miner has found himself a nice niche in public areas and researching the oldest parts of our town. Dick Stout recently let everyone know what type he prefered in this blog post. One thing is certain no matter what kind of treasure hunter you find yourself enjoying you will be welcome to our club. I personally hope I can mature in several of the categories below. I guess I want to be a well rounded MD’er.

Coinshooter- A person who primarily hunts for old coins. I think that in general most people start out as coinshooters and then progress from there. Coin shooting can take place virtually anywhere people have ever been.

Relic Hunter- Relic hunters typically hunt private land that has had some kind of historical event happen. I’ve seen relic hunters dig civil war rifles, cannonballs, musketballs, and other historical items. Relic hunting can take place on land or in rivers, streams, and creeks.

Water/Beach detectors- These are the guys you see hip dip in fresh and saltwater bodies of water. The main item of interest for these guys is jewelry. The thing I find interesting about this type of detecting is that unlike coinshooters and relic hunters, mother nature replenishes your hunting spots. It is my understanding that a good offshore storm can make a beach seem like virgin territory.

Cache hunters- This group is unique in the fact that they spend months and years researching to find bigger treasure. Have you heard the stories of Jesse James hiding a stash of stolen loot in Central KS? If you spend enough time researching his path of travel you could stumble upon it.

Sunken Treasure hunting- This is probably the most extensive type of treasure hunting. I was recently listening to the American Digger Relic Roundup in which they were interviewing Corey Malcolm from the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. It was very interesting to listen to this broadcast and learn about truly sunken treasures. I would suggest taking a few minutes and look through their website.

In closing I would encourage you to experiment with different types of treasure hunting. I was thinking about this today after I did some coinshooting over lunch and this evening I hit a farm field that I was hoping would give up both coins and relics. There are many types of treasure hunting and some of them take specialty equipment. Type of detector and other necessary equipment will be a topic for another post.

What type of treasure hunter do want to be?



No matter what kind of treasure hunting you choose to do. Have fun!


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