We stepped out and cleaned up

Well last night we had 7-8 volunteers that came together and cleaned up Linwood Park. I personally was amazed with how much a few people with gloves and trash bags can accomplish in a short time. I hope that as we progress we can start seeing the fruit of our labor. My hope is that we will see more people picking up trash as they walk their canine friends, play disc golf, or just walk through our city. As a side note I think Pulltab Miner came up with the most disgusting bag. His treasure consisted of a bunny that met a lawn mower and a dead bird. The grossest thing I bagged was an open diaper that had it’s own little treasure. As a parent of 11 years I cannot believe someone thought throwing a poop filled diaper on the ground was acceptable!

We did manage to get some media attention on Fetch Toto. Here is the link.

Happy Hunting and thanks for looking!



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