June’s meeting

I was happy to see all the people who showed for the June meeting.

I apologize if it seemed a little disorganized. Steve and I are working on improving that.

Thank you guys for making this a fun gathering. I promise you things will only get better.

See you around!


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About pulltabMiner

I like metal detecting and playing the ukulele. I am a better metal detectorist than I am a uke player. I also like doing things with my two sons like fishing, biking, and otherwise goofing around. In the past I have grown vegetables with great success but since we got the big dog, nothing lives in my yard that he decides should not. Occasionally, the drawing bug bites me and I draw with pencil and ink. I've dabbled in foreign languages and my latest obsession is mining and trading cryptocurrencies. I think of myself as a well rounded nerd.

2 thoughts on “June’s meeting

  1. stevessunkentreasures

    Well, todays meeting may have seemed a little unorganized but it was still a fun time. There were several times when I saw everyone everyone laughing and having a good time. I also heard several people mention they appreciated advice and learning opportunities. We have a good solid group and it is bound to improve with time. Thank you to all that attended.

  2. wichkans

    Want to thank Pulltab and Steve for setting up this club, I have been looking for a local group of people to share and to learn more about this hobby.


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