Just do it.

Lately I have been thinking about people just getting into our hobby. Sometimes I hear people who are concerned about looking goofy. They wander what their family and friends will think. I can tell you that we have all gave some thought to this when starting. I know many MD’ers whose spouses and children heckle them. I am known as a nerd or dork around my home. I have had people in the past ask me to help them learn how to metal detect. When I started in the hobby I was fortunate enough to meet up with a few guys from the friendly forum. These guys didn’t help me learn though. I learned by simply listening to them discuss different aspects of their hunts. Pulltab Miner and I were discussing this the other day and he brought up a very good point. You don’t learn metal detecting. It is something you do and by doing you learn. In this hobby it is very hard for someone to tell you how to do it. I have seen the following scenario happen and I think it solidifies this thought. A group of 3-4 guys can be out detecting when one person asks for the other MD’ers opinion on a signal. Inevitably you end up with at least two different opinions. Every machine is different and everyone’s interpretation of the signal is different. So the only true way to learn is by doing. The one aspect of the hobby that I feel can be taught are ethics and research. I can give someone the tools to do proper research and I can definitely explain ethics to them. It is then up to them to get out and swing their detector and dig some targets and start the learning process. Don’t worry about how others think you look. Don’t be surprised if people ask what you are doing and then have a dumbfounded look on their face. Once you pull an old coin, silver coin, gold jewelry out of the ground you will have an overwhelming level of excitement. People who have never experienced this won’t understand the hobby. I heard a co-worker the other day say that they would give up on the hobby after walking 10 miles and not finding anything. Fortunately detecting puts us in a mindset where it’s not just about finds. It’s about being out in nature, relaxing, and enjoying the company of someone else who does understand the excitement of our hobby.

Just do it, and have fun doing it. Don’t stress if you don’t find things right off the bat you are still learning. It took me 3 months to figure out the formula of finding neat things. My wife was surprised that I stuck with it that long. I’m sure glad I did! 

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading.

*\_ Steveouke


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