Ethics and enthusiasm

Tonight I wanted to talk to our local hunters specifically. How does your technique change with the weather? Here are a few of my thoughts. I was talking to someone today who would also appreciate us taking extra care in the heat!

Type of hunting
During the hot months I find myself digging shallower targets and surface finds. The soil is dry and if there is any clay present at all it is tough to get to a deeper target. When the temps get high and the soil gets tough I am ok with digging the shallower targets because they tend to hold the Au (more commonly known as gold).

Sod recovery
When the weather gets hot and dry it is much tougher for the grass to recover. Buffalo grass, bermuda grass, and zoysia can recover better than fescue. Keep this in mind when picking your hunting spot. Maybe pick a more wooded area that isn’t used as much as other areas. I would definitely keep off sports fields that are being used for summer sports.

Happy hunting and stay cool!

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