Independence Day surprise hunt!

Today we had our monthly meeting. I was fairly surprised at the participation due to it being a holiday weekend. We started the meeting by discussing a partnership with the City Of Wichita. We will definitely let everyone know what happens at our meetings with the parks and recreation department. I am excited for the opportunities this partnership could bring. We then raffled off a few items. Karen took home a Brand new White’s Coinmaster GT. John won a Lesche digger, Calvin won a Garrett finds pouch,and Rodney won a set of scales.

David (aka PulltabMiner) presenting Karen with a new Coinmaster!


Steve (aka Steveouke) taking a picture with John who won a new Lesche.


A BIG thank you goes out to Mr. Holcombe at White’s electronics for generously donating goodies to our club.

Once we were done with discussions and raffles we all got to hunting. At one point while everyone was hunting I stopped and just watched. It felt good to see 14 people detecting. You could just see the fun and relaxation on everyones faces. I think things are starting to come together!


2 thoughts on “Independence Day surprise hunt!

  1. disc440

    Congratulations to all of you. Keep us posted on the city negotiations, and your involvement with their parks program. Sharing your pastime with the uninitiated is a great idea, and could be a model for other clubs.

  2. wichkans

    I wish I could have made the meeting, I had to help my son move into his first apartment
    he is a student WSU and works at COX, my daughter lives in KC and attends UMKC so we have no kids at home, I miss them already but it has it’s good times also !


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