For your consideration

I procured a couple of small gold coins roughly the same size as a $1 U.S. gold coin. On the ground, they both read like a nickel. No surprise there.

Immediately after burying them however, things got interesting. At three inches deep, the signal given by the smallest of the two, degraded to such a degree that most people would probably walk over it thinking it was trash. At five inches, the signal became an iron grunt. Past that,  the iron grunt became dimmer and dimmer until around the 6 to 7 inch mark when the Deus completely missed it.

My Deus did better with the slightly larger coin. At 5 inches, the coin was a wrap-around signal. At around 6 to 7 inches it was an iron grunt. After that it became hard to discern the sound at all.

So, this surely makes me wonder again, how many good things do we walk past by ignoring the iron grunts? It is a stone cold fact that any coin, buried at a sufficiently deep level, will become an iron grunt to any detector.

I am not suggesting you dig iron. This is information for you to consider, that’s all.

Thank you for looking!


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I like metal detecting and playing the ukulele. I am a better metal detectorist than I am a uke player. I also like doing things with my two sons like fishing, biking, and otherwise goofing around. In the past I have grown vegetables with great success but since we got the big dog, nothing lives in my yard that he decides should not. Occasionally, the drawing bug bites me and I draw with pencil and ink. I've dabbled in foreign languages and my latest obsession is mining and trading cryptocurrencies. I think of myself as a well rounded nerd.

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