September meeting

I thought I would take a moment and summarize our September class. We had 18 people present at the meeting (not bad for a holiday weekend).

2013-09-01 15.16.23

J.C. Parson won the oldest coin contest with a 1907 Barber Dime.

John Grice won the best jewelry find with a 1928 woman’s class ring.

Jamie Gerber won the best relic with a very cool two piece button that had a farm scene on it.

Once prizes had been sorted and presented we discussed the clubs upcoming classes. We discussed how many classes to do annually, and how we are trekking into unknown territory because none of our members have heard of a club working with cities in the proactive way we are. It was good to see some new faces at the meeting.

After talking business we got down to business and everyone detected for awhile.

2013-09-01 16.55.39 2013-09-01 16.56.26 2013-09-01 16.55.49



2 thoughts on “September meeting

  1. Bob Kerr

    Did any body search for and find the lost engagement ring in Newton Ks? If so would you give them a big thank you.
    Bob K

    1. stevessunkentreasures Post author

      Bob, it sounded to me like there were a couple people that gave it a shot but so far nobody had found it. The word at the meeting was that there were several thousand bottle caps in a very small yard. Hopefully a couple more will give it a shot.


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