Well, it’s sure has been quiet around here since the September meeting at Sim’s park. I myself have been busy with life and other projects and I have not had a whole lot of time to hunt.

I did manage to get out yesterday to my favorite silver park and was able to snag a 1948 Roosevelt dime;


There’s silver in thar there parks! This guy was only ’bout 3 inches down and gave an unmistakable silver dime signal on the old Deus.

The October class at Orchard Park quickly approaches. I am stoked!

What have you guys been up to?

P.S. Vince, I have the cookie container from the meeting. Let me know how I can best get it to you.

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About pulltabMiner

I like metal detecting and playing the ukulele. I am a better metal detectorist than I am a uke player. I also like doing things with my two sons like fishing, biking, and otherwise goofing around. In the past I have grown vegetables with great success but since we got the big dog, nothing lives in my yard that he decides should not. Occasionally, the drawing bug bites me and I draw with pencil and ink. I've dabbled in foreign languages and my latest obsession is mining and trading cryptocurrencies. I think of myself as a well rounded nerd.

7 thoughts on “Heeeeyyy!

  1. pulltabMiner Post author

    Yes, Deus means god in Latin. My detector was made in France and it is called the XP Deus. I think they meant to name it “a god” not “the God” though.

    Thank you for stopping by!

    1. pulltabMiner Post author

      Sure Dick, I can tell you that the weight of the thing (or lack thereof) is the number one draw for me. The fact that you can collapse it just adds to the allure. It is tougher than nails for such a dainty looking machine and all the proof I need to know that it is up there in the echelons of metal detecting power is the fact that I am pulling twice as many silvers out of our trashy, pounded parks as anyone else in the city. I don’t have the social graces to get permission to hunt private property so it is the city parks for me and the Deus is custom made for that environment. I am a big fan of the V3i and I am even more excited about my Deus. I know the retail price is high but dealers will give you a good price. I am not sorry I sold my other machines to buy this one. I highly recommend it. Fast, light, feature rich to accommodate just about any situation, 4 frequencies to choose from, powerful as all get out, headphones are rain-proof. One thing to note though: it really is a sound machine. The VDI is accurate to 6 inches or so but really, I rarely find a silver coin that shallow anymore. This is a tone-hunting machine for sure.

  2. stevessunkentreasures

    David, much like you I have had very little time to hunt. Quick 20-30 min here and there. I am getting excited for the class as well! I got our banner which looks great and nobody will have issues finding us now!


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