What a day for our meeting

Gazebo at Central Riverside 10-6-13

Gazebo at Central Riverside 10-6-13

Well today we had our October monthly meeting. We were blessed with a gorgeous day with temps in the mid 60’s and sunshine. We also had a fair amount of wind but that is expected in the middle of Kansas.

I would like to say thank you again to the City of Wichita for working with us on shelter. Todays meeting was held in Wichita’s historic Central Riverside Park. Pulltab Miner and I were the first to arrive and there was a city employee cleaning up the gazebo for us. This is something that I hadn’t expected but very thankful for. We had 15 people in attendance and  I am once again reminded of “E Pluribus Unum”. We have all kinds of people that attend our meetings and I will say that I love to see our group fill a city park. If that doesn’t get a passerby’s attention our banner will. More than once while we were in the gazebo taking care of our meeting I saw people stop to read our banner.

Today started a little differently than previous meetings. Everyone wanted to detect for awhile before the meeting got started. Once our crowd of 15 gathered around we got to judging finds over the last month and I have to say I was extremely proud of our clubs finds.

The coin that got voted best coin find was an 1852 three cent silver piece found by James. He received a 1 oz. silver round for his efforts.

The relic department was a little light today and the undisputed relic winner was Danny. His entry was a .54 caliber musketball that he found on his families land in Oklahoma. Danny won a Garrett finds pouch.

The jewelry collection included two large silver rings. The winner was Josh and his kiddos. They found a Native American ring that had a very cool stone in it. They won a hat for their entry.

We had many good finds at the meeting including two walking liberty half dollars, an 1867 shield nickel, and a few other silver coins.

Once we were done with the finds portion of the meeting we discussed our upcoming class. I feel that we have things in place nicely for the class. I think that all presenters are extremely excited to get the class underway. We have received some great stuff from all the major metal detecting manufacturers that will help us bring some new people to the hobby. I will expand on this more in a later post.

If you have ever been interested in the metal detecting hobby I would encourage you to sign up for our class. It’s only $8 and it will give you a good feel for the hobby and the great people in our club. You can register for the class by clicking on the link below. https://secure.rec1.com/KS/wichita-parks-recreation/reg.php

Once you click the link do a simple search for metal detecting and you will be taken to the class and given the register option.


*\_ Steveouke





4 thoughts on “What a day for our meeting

  1. David

    We couldn’t do it without your tireless efforts my friend! The banner sure looked purty!
    I expect that at the November meeting, I will sweep all three categories with all the cool stuff I will find! 🙂

      1. Jake

        Wish I was there, had family obligations. I think you guys have developed a neat group with some awesome people.
        Was the 3 cent dug local? that would be so cool to see that come up out of a hole.

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