Whew that was awesome!

Well today we embarked on the new adventure of the basic metal detecting class. We ended up having 13 people in class (down due to a few no shows). The class went quite well. We spent time discussing the history of metal detecting, What kind of research to do, Where to go detecting, Ethics of metal detecting, and the different types of machines. We filled Minelab tote bags with literature from all of the manufacturers and everyone received a bag. In these bags we included a writing utensil. 12 people received Minelab pens while 1 student received a White’s pen. You may ask why that is important? Well before we made our way outside to detect we presented him with one of the White’s machines that they had generously sent for our classes. He was thrilled and I am certain it will be put to good use.

Once we finished up we headed outside. We demonstrated how to properly retrieve a target and how to use the pinpointers that were provided by Garrett and Bounty Hunter. I could tell everyone was excited because before we started outside everyone was turning their machines on and checking out all the controls. Once we finished our retrieval demo we all took the field. The park had a very nice open field directly behind the classroom. Everyone was walking around swinging and wondering what the mysterious noises meant that were coming out of their machines. Very shortly in a lady in the group found a silver dime! I heard PulltabMiner asking if I planted any silver and my answer was no. I had planted some clad and wheat pennies earlier in the morning but no silver. To say the least she was excited. I had to leave before everyone was finished outside but I heard that a Standing Liberty Quarter was also found. Awesome day for a couple of beginners. The weather was great and the excitement our students showed made it even better. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this class possible. Hopefully this is the first of many.

Happy Hunting and Good Luck


2 thoughts on “Whew that was awesome!

  1. pulltabMiner

    Well, without getting too mushy, I want to point out that this class brought our motto to live like nothing else. Looking for Treasure; finding friends and good times.

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