For the rookies..

I wanted to take a moment and talk to everyone that attended our class last weekend.

1st on the list– I hope you are having fun looking through all the materials you received. Deciding on a machine can be a daunting task (not just your first machine either). Dan Hughes has a great podcast about which machines you should look at.

2nd on the list– We forgot to get the registration sheet that you guys placed your email addresses on. Please send us an email at so we can keep you informed of upcoming hunts, meetings, classes, and random thoughts for the club. Also don’t forget bout our Facebook page. Members share hunt opportunities and finds there. Feel free to ask questions and maybe even win some prizes!

3rd– I wanted to share a few resources on the web for you to check out. These are places I like to go around the web.

Dan Hughes treasure corner– Dan has 5 years of short informative podcasts. He has been a long time detectorist and he is fun to listen to.

American Digger Relic Roundup– this is a very informative magazine that covers all areas of treasure hunting (including protecting our hobby). They get many veterans of the hobby on the show and have a lot of fun!

Read, Read, Read and look at old maps and aerial photos. If you have a mild interest in history you will find all kinds of fun stuff.

Learn from the veterans in our group. I will be the first to say that I have learned a ton from our group members. These guys are like walking encyclopedias about machines, research, and they are willing to share!

Most importantly have fun and enjoy the great hobby! Hope to see you at our meetings in the future.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!


One thought on “For the rookies..

  1. Warren

    Had a great time Saturday. Thank you so much for everything you and your team did to make it a great class.
    Warren Grass


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