Nobody knows November

Well last Sunday we had our November meeting. The meeting was short and sweet. I think we had 16-18 folks in attendance. The question of the day was “Where is Pulltab Miner“? I don’t know if this is due to his recent finds or likeable personality but everyone wanted to know and nobody knew.. This is not a jab but I swear I heard it from several members and thought I should mention it. On a more serious note we discussed the feedback we got from students and the city about our first class. We also talked about two more classes that will be coming up in the early spring. The city had nothing but great things to say and our students gave us some constructive criticism (which is a good thing). We decided to break out of the meeting a little early and do some hunting. It was nice to see a few of our class participants at our meeting. Hopefully most of them will become involved in our little eclectic group of treasure hunters.

I am currently working on getting some speakers/guests at our meetings in the future. I hope to have some manufacturers reps, Veterans of the hobby, local historians, and maybe even someone from the archaeological side of the fence attend. It would be nice to know what the local archaeologists do and what they are looking for. If you have suggestions on whom you would like to attend our meetings please let us know via email. If you know someone who would like to speak at a meeting let me know and I will get in touch with them.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!
Steveouke __*\____

2 thoughts on “Nobody knows November

  1. pulltabMiner

    Excellent! Sorry I couldn’t make it this time. I had to take my 7 year old to a birthday party and he requested that I stay with him during the whole thing. I will be there in December though!


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