Let’s make the most of 2014

As I’m sitting here reflecting on the last year and what this club has done I’m amazed. I had no idea where this club would go when we first started. I am extremely thankful to our club members, the City Of Wichita, and all the manufacturers that have made our cause possible. It’s hard for me to believe what all we have accomplished. To think it started because a couple of us wanted to get together to talk detecting and swing our gizmos and has gotten to where we are blows my mind. I may be wrong but I can’t imagine there are very many clubs that have partnered with the city they call home to promote the hobby of metal detecting. It seems like more and more I hear of cities and counties shutting down sites due to a few bad apples. It makes me proud that our city respects our hobby enough to allow us to promote it through them. I still remember that I was quite nervous when I presented the idea of working with the city to our club.. I didn’t know what to expect from them. Needless to say I could tell right away that they were on board. I am very thankful that they liked my hair brained idea and that it has worked out well. When we have a meeting in Wichita parks the city goes out of their way to make sure it is reserved for us, clean, and ready for use. I remember at one meeting the city employee was finishing cleaning up while we were getting there. She was a delightful person that wanted to make sure our needs were met for our meeting. When we held our first class at Orchard Park in Wichita the help was there for us before, during, and after the class. During that class we introduced 13 people to the hobby. We learned some things through feedback and I can tell you I am certain that our classes will only get better.

What Will 2014 Bring:
The honest answer is I don’t know. We have a couple other cities that are wanting to hold classes. We have several people who have been doing group hunts for as long as I’ve been alive. We have been talking about a big hunt right here in the middle of Kansas. We have talked about doing kids hunts. All I know for sure is that we have people who are willing to do great things and they have yet to let me down. I am extremely thankful for this because there is no way I could do this all myself in my spare time. That being said there is one thing that I would love to see but I haven’t found the proper outlet yet.. Speakers for our meetings! Pulltab Miner and I have tried to talk to all kinds of people about speaking at our meetings without much success. If you know someone that you think the group would like to hear from please have them get in touch with us. Personally, I have talked to historians, archaeologists, and others. I just can’t seem to get someone on board for us. I would love to have reps from the manufacturers, experienced hobby enthusiasts, historians, Techy people that could show us how to do map overlays and get accurate results, etc.

In closing I want to say that I think our members have demonstrated our motto perfectly.

“Looking for treasure, finding friends, and good times”

I look forward to seeing what we can make happen in 2014 considering what we have done so far!

Thanks for all your help, thanks for reading, and happy hunting!
*\_ Steveouke

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