Reflections at the end of a great year

Another year has gone by and although I got one year older, I still cannot say I got one year wiser. Heck, there is such a thing as an old fool. The one decision I’ve made that I can classify as a wise choice, was the purchase of that Ace 250 a couple of years ago. I now use a much more advanced detector but I still dig as many pull tabs and bottle caps as I did with that yellow wonder.

So, at the end of 2013, I ponder why I am still so excited to go out there and detect while so many who take up this hobby abandon it soon after they start. As I say, it’s not that I don’t dig trash. I am a veritable metal junk magnet. I am eager to dig that signal. I want to know what’s buried there, under that square inch of dirt. I fear no rusted nail and in fact, I think square nails have a certain kind of charm. Why? Why am I so enchanted by this hobby?

I think there is a magical moment when one swings a coil, a special moment when the whole thing comes together and we realize, consciously or unconsciously that the beauty of metal detecting lies not with the silver coins, or the cool relics, or that glorious glint of uncorroded yellow poking through the dirt, but with the zen of being inside oneself, listening to the language of the machine and interpreting its mysteries. Sure, I love a group hunt as much as the next fellow, after all, the second most fun thing besides digging a cool thing from the ground is showing it off to someone who will get it, but I believe the time we are alone with the dirt and the machine is the primary reason we all stick with the hobby. As proof of this I give you the story of this particular hunter who went 15 years before he ever found his first silver coin. I know this guy. He still hunts today. That tells you something right there.

That, I believe, is the main reason why some of us are still detecting while many have moved on to different pastures. I salute you my fellow dirt fisherman and fisherwomen. You got the stuff.

Have a happy and productive 2014. May the dirt always be soft, moist, and full of cool stuff.


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About pulltabMiner

I like metal detecting and playing the ukulele. I am a better metal detectorist than I am a uke player. I also like doing things with my two sons like fishing, biking, and otherwise goofing around. In the past I have grown vegetables with great success but since we got the big dog, nothing lives in my yard that he decides should not. Occasionally, the drawing bug bites me and I draw with pencil and ink. I've dabbled in foreign languages and my latest obsession is mining and trading cryptocurrencies. I think of myself as a well rounded nerd.

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