January meeting… Good stuff

Well the Wheat State Treasure Hunters held our January meeting today. Last night we were “blessed” with a couple inches of snow and today the temps started dropping. It was a chilling 17 degrees and the wind was a steady 15 miles per hour. One of our members has graciously found us an indoor place to meet during the cold months. We started off the meeting talking about our upcoming class for the club. We are planning some improvements over the 1st class and we look forward to bringing more folks to the hobby. I then shared with the club a couple of recent donations. The first donation was Butch and Anita from American Digger Magazine donated a year of magazines to the club. Our members thumbed through the 2 issues present and we quickly started talking about all the cool finds over there on the coast. We also discussed bottle digging and cache hunting. I then told them about a generous donation from W.W. Manufacturing of some diggers for our upcoming class. During our first class we found ourselves short on diggers. Thanks to W.W. for helping us out. Again, I want to say Thank You to all the folks that have supported us over the last year. If not for your help we wouldn’t be able to pull these classes off. 

Now for the fun stuff-

We are planning a big event for May. Details will be going out to our members over the next couple of months. We have to tease just a little. It sounds like food, friends, family, detecting, and maybe some prospecting for the little ones. We have a lot of details to work out but we want it to be a fun time for all of our families to meet each other, share with each other, and get the kids outdoors. Today we discussed some things that make me think big things will be happening with our club in the next year.

Hopefully the weather permits some detecting at our February meeting.. They say the windchill will be -10 to -15 tonight.. WHEW




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