Sometimes less is more.

Well today we held our 2nd class for the City of Wichita. Mother nature kind of threw us for a loop with temps over the last few days that were not warm enough to melt off the 6-8 inches of snow that has fallen over the last week. We didn’t let old man winter get in our way. We proceeded on with our class as usual. We had 19 people in attendance and they all seemed eager to learn about our hobby. After I did an introduction of our club and what our objectives James took the stage to discuss the history of metal detecting. This topic is very interesting and if you have never researched it I would suggest you do some reading about where our hobby has come from.

Wheat State member James Townley discussing the history of the hobby.

Wheat State member James Townley discussing the history of the hobby.

Once James was done Vince talked to the students about where to hunt. He has many years of research advice to pass on to our students. We could literally spend all day talking about different forms of research and taking ourselves back to how life was lived 100 years ago.

Once Vince finished giving the class some general research ideas we took a break and raffled off a few door prizes.

Pulltab Miner was next up and he talked to the students about the technical side of metal detectors and what features would be beneficial to them. Our students had quite a few questions regarding detectors, coils, and what causes machines to act the way they do.

My section was the final section of the class where we discuss laws, ethics, and digging techniques. This is my favorite part of the class to discuss due to the fact that it provides our students with the common sense metal detecting knowledge that has gotten so many people in trouble while enjoying our hobby.

Towards the end of the class we put the test bed to use and we had a few people that currently had metal detectors and they wanted to see how they performed or the best way to set their machine up.

We also gave one lucky participant a Fisher F2. I believe I heard that he didn’t have a detector and I think the Fisher is an excellent machine to introduce someone into the hobby with. I will upload a couple more photos to this post once our wonderful volunteers get them to me.

Our lucky participant that won the Fisher F2

Our lucky participant that won the Fisher F2

All in all I think this class was an improvement on the first even though our students didn’t get outside swinging machines. It was quite rewarding to see the enjoyment that these newcomers to the hobby showed. I look forward to seeing them at our meetings and keeping up with their growth, questions, and success in the hobby.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading.

*\_ Steveouke

2 thoughts on “Sometimes less is more.

    1. stevessunkentreasures Post author

      Dick, I think I can speak for all of us by saying we have fun sharing about such a great hobby. It looks like we have at least two more classes coming up this spring/summer for neighboring towns. I am still amazed that this class filled up while we had 8 inches of snow on the ground.


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