For the good times!

Well we held our 3rd metal detecting class for the City of Wichita. We quickly got underway and James discussed the history of metal detecting. This is one section of the class that seems to mesmerize our students. They have probably never thought about the history of detecting let alone research it as much as James has. We then sent Vince to discuss research and where to hunt. If you have never heard him discuss this stuff you are missing out. Vince has a very thought provoking way of looking at human interaction and human behavior and how it effects our hobby.

James talking about the history of metal detecting.

James talking about the history of metal detecting.

David then went on to discuss how detectors work and what features to look for in a entry level machine. I finished the classroom portion up with Laws, ethics, and techniques. I can say that with every class we teach students bring forward new questions about detecting and machines. It is a lot of fun fielding questions and learning what the folks who are just getting started in the hobby have to ask us.

Once we were done indoors, we headed outside. We had a short demonstration on proper digging technique and target recovery. We then handed out detectors, diggers, and pin-pointers and set off into the massive Linwood Park. We spent about an hour detecting outdoors. A few people had their own machines that we could answer questions about and many had never heard the language our detectors speak. All in All it was a great class and it seemed to go very well.

For those of you that attended I would like to welcome you and I hope you find the hobby as enjoyable as I have.

Vince discussing machines and sounds with a couple that attended our class.

Vince discussing machines and sounds with a couple that attended our class.

Happy Hunting and Have a great day!
*\_ Steveouke

7 thoughts on “For the good times!

  1. Keith Harris

    I have just recently retired, 57 years old, taking up the hobby of metal detecting, been thinking about joining your club, what all do I need to do?

    1. pulltabMiner

      Hi! All you need to do is attend our next club meeting. Our club meeting is held on the first Sunday of every month. The location and time is posted on our website. You also may want to send your email address to Steve so that you can receive the club’s announcements. Absolutely NO dues are required. Welcome!!!
      David (aka pulltabMiner)

      1. Keith Harris

        Sounds great. Thanks for your quick response. Next question, didn’t know if there was anyway I could get my name removed from these posts, and put a nickname or a derivative of my email address? Thanks.

        Sent from my iPhone


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