It is our duty.. Isn’t it!

Hello all, tonight I want to discuss something that is not pleasant but please read forth. I was talking to Miner yesterday and he shared something with me that was a blessing and concern. On Friday we were supposed to meet with the City of Wichita to discuss our upcoming second year of our partnership. I was unable to attend but Miner represented us and it sounds like he did a fine job. Anyways during the meeting one of the city representatives brought up the following scenario. Miner please edit this if I missed a detail…

A parks and rec employee had shared concerns about MDers leaving holes in the park. The employee suggested a permit to detect to help cover the costs of fixing it. Now this is a huge concern… What is the blessing?? The upper level city reps told the employee about our club and the action steps we are taking to prevent this issue. That satisfies me because they know we are working hard to educate others in the hobby. Personally I am stoked about this. I also received an email from a local mder that shared a similar story that when he showed up to his favorite park that someone had obliterated the park with holes that were not nice.. Sad to say he spent two hours repairing instead of detecting. That shouldn’t happen. Now I saw a similar situation in a neighboring city and I caught a guy with a big shovel in an area it shouldn’t have been. I had some words with him about how our club is fighting for our rights and that cities don’t care for us being on sports fields. That being said I don’t know whether he took the hint or not. I hope so!! I challenge you to speak up if you see someone acting out of line. We as a club have been working hard to stay on the positive side in the public eye. I think it is our duty to try and correct negative actions.

Sorry to bring such a serious post to the table but I think we need to publicize it. Maybe someone will feel guilt, maybe this will be a reminder to the more responsible crowd who get lazy, maybe this will encourage people to take action when they see poor behavior.

If I see it I think the first question I will ask is if they would like to pay an annual fee for their hobby?? Thats a sure lead in to the real topic!

Happy Hunting and please detect responsibly!

*\_ Steveouke


2 thoughts on “It is our duty.. Isn’t it!

  1. disc440

    Wow, things like that usually start with one irresponsible person and it winds up affecting everyone. Willing to bet too that the same individual would get upset if someone did the same thing to his lawn. Unfortunately all you can do is try and stay on top of he situation and deal with it day to day. Sure hope it doesn’t come down to a permit system. I hate the idea that you have to pay for enjoying your pastime….


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