Well well!

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know what has been happening in our club.

I am talking to Robert Hoard (State Archaeologist) about speaking at our August meeting. I believe this will be a great time to share, discuss, and get questions answered.

At our last meeting we discussed several things and we have decided to reduce the number of classes we do for the City of Wichita. Instead of 4-5 a year we will do 2 a year in the future. Our last class got cancelled and we are hoping that having fewer classes will keep the attendance up in classes. I can tell you that we are still working closely with the city and everything is fine.

During our last meeting we also discussed a change in format for our meetings which I think everyone will enjoy. We are planning on having a rotating schedule of meeting one month and then having a detecting party the next month. In August we will have a meeting and September will be a hunt. We feel this will bring a little more mix into things. We also discussed having our meetings/hunts in surrounding cities. If you have suggestions about where we could meet please send them to us at wheatstatetreasurehunters@gmail.com.

In closing I hope everyone is having a great summer and getting quite a bit of detecting in. I haven’t been out hardly at all but as they say “this to will pass”.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see everyone in August at our meeting.
Steveouke *\_


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