What a neat deal!

This last weekend we held our final class for the year. I haven’t kept a tally but it seems as though we taught 7 or 8 classes throughout the last 12 months. All in all it has been a great deal. Every class we teach brings something to the table. It seems like people from all walks of life enjoy the idea of getting into the hobby. We have had classes with kids, women, and grown men. Our most recent class was a small class of 4. It was nice because we had 4 club members present which gave us a 1:1 ratio when we went outside for the hands on training. What really surprised me is the fact that 3/4 of the class were ladies. It was kind of cool to see them interested in the hobby. I’m not certain what these classes mean long term, but I’m certain that it means there is interest in the hobby and interest in learning how to do it.

The City of Wichita has asked us to do a couple of classes next year and I’m certain that other cities will come forward to hold classes. Until then we have a few meetings to tackle without having to worry about classes. We have a couple of good places to detect that are not public parks and hopefully we can find some goodies in the ground.

Til next time,
Good Luck and Happy Hunting *\_


3 thoughts on “What a neat deal!

  1. Salvatore Trupia

    Anyone that owns a metal detector will learn a lot from this group and be aware of the important code of ethics to go by. Plus it’s great fun.


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