Perhaps a future a detectorist was in the group

Next to my favorite park there is an elementary school and in the park itself, there is a community center. Often, teachers from the school will bring their classes to the community center.

The other day, as I was detecting the park, such a group walked by close enough for me to hear what they were saying:

Child (pointing at me): “Mrs, what is that?”
Teacher: “It’s a metal detector. Metal detecting is a popular past time.”
Child: “Is he looking for treasure?”
Teacher: “He’s looking for any items from the past that may be interesting”

I was quite moved by this. This teacher lady took the opportunity to teach when the child asked what I was doing AND she portrayed the hobby in such a positive light that it made me wonder if one or two of those children will grow up to take up our hobby. We don’t always get that kind of advocacy and I wanted to make sure to let you guys know that not everybody hates what we do.

Happy Hunting!



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