Finally some air!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that makes this club possible and contributes to our success. I personally have been extremely busy and I want to thank Miner for stepping in and posting to the site. I also want to thank Vince for helping out in the big town of Mulvane on a lost ring post. These things mean a lot to me but I haven’t had time to focus on metal detecting and I’m thankful for everyone’s help. At any rate I just made plans (albeit loose) for our January meeting. I think we should try to metal detect at Cypress Park which is at 300 S. Edgemoor in Wichita. I hope to see everyone there and hopefully mother earth cooperates with us so we can all enjoy what we love so much.. Swinging!

On a much more serious note I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and I hope that you guys have had a great time with the people that matter most in your lives.

Steveouke *\_

The smile on her face says it all. Good work Vince

The smile on her face says it all. Good work Vince


One thought on “Finally some air!

  1. anthonyrodriguez2015

    I was out in Harvey county today visiting an old ghost town by the name of Alta Mills. The owner gave me a tour around his property which was about 1.5 acres. There were about 5 buildings that used to stand there and you can still see the foundation. The owners name is Brian Stucky and loves when others come down to see his grandfathers old land. The town existed from 1876-1949. It is on private property but I think he can be easily persuaded to allow some poeple to hunt his land. When I mentioned metal detecting the area to him he said, the only thing anyone would find is trash. Area looked very promising and most likely has never touched. This website: will give you most of the information you need to know about the town. His phone number is 620-367-2610 and can be contacted though his email; if you have any luck convincing him to let you detect there I would be glad to come along.


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