Steve is gone and so is September

We had our first club meet yesterday since the departure of our beloved founder and leader, Steve. Alas! he will be missed.

It was a good turnout and the weather was near perfect. At one point we were visited by a cookie-sniffing winnie dog but the cookies were chocolate chip so he couldn’t have any.

We conducted the club’s business which included ideas about leadership models. People seemed to like the concept of 3 month leadership teams. More on that later. Also, we spoke briefly about the possibility to hold classes only for club members, aiming at spreading the knowledge from the more experienced hunters to the rest of us newbs. Information will go out to the members as these plus other ideas take hold.

Have patience with us as we sort things out. For starters, I will try to keep this page updated. Steve if you read this, it may be nice for you to write a thing or two about your experiences in the frozen north.

Again, thank you all for your patience and happy hunting!


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About pulltabMiner

I like metal detecting and playing the ukulele. I am a better metal detectorist than I am a uke player. I also like doing things with my two sons like fishing, biking, and otherwise goofing around. In the past I have grown vegetables with great success but since we got the big dog, nothing lives in my yard that he decides should not. Occasionally, the drawing bug bites me and I draw with pencil and ink. I've dabbled in foreign languages and my latest obsession is mining and trading cryptocurrencies. I think of myself as a well rounded nerd.

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