We are a group of people in Kansas who enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. We seek to show that great fun and success can be had in this hobby via careful research and dedication. We adhere to the practices of respect and courtesy and we pledge to put our skills of metal detecting to aid in the greater good whenever there is a need.

All are welcome so join us and make some new friends!

Feel free to email us at wheatstatetreasurehunters@gmail.com for more information!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jan

    A friend of mine doesn’t have a computer and lost his wedding ring in a pond and need some help to find it. Can you help him?
    If so please call him at 3116-775-2970 his name is Don Porter, he will pay you for the help.
    Thanks JAN my email is janzlite@cox.net

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  3. Heath


    I just lost my gold wedding band while playing with my children in an area park.

    I have a small area (5-10 sq ft) where I think the band is but can’t find it.

    Do you know of anyone that does metal detecting services for such an issue? I would sure like to have my ring back.


    Heath Larson
    Wichita KS


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