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The official Spring Fling announcement

Here are some more details. Hope to see everyone there! Feel free to email us with questions.



First ever “Family Spring Fling”

Good afternoon, I wanted to take a moment and let you know about an exciting upcoming event. Mark your calendars for April 17th 2016 for our first ever “Family Spring Fling”. This will be a fun event for the whole family. We will have kids hunts, ladies hunts, food, and prizes. Stay tuned as more details come available. It should be a good time!

September meeting and a short survey

Good evening, I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be meeting at North Linwood park on Sunday the 13th from 3-6 PM. The weather should be great and we will have some interesting things to discuss. I know there have been some great interesting finds around town lately and I hope everyone will bring some goodies to the table.

Also I wanted to let everyone know that I have created a short survey since it’s been a couple of years and I’m certain there are some opinions out there. Please take a few moments to answer the questions by clicking the link below.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Steveouke *\_

Upcoming events

Good evening ¬†everyone. Sorry for the late delay about this weekends meeting. My bride and I have been traveling and staying busy. Vince mentioned that this is our two year anniversary and I wish we were able to plan a big happening but I haven’t had the time. Now my suggestion is that everyone brings a guest and a dish to our June meeting on Sunday. I think we should head out west to Sedgwick County Park and try to secure us a pavilion. I’m thinking our best chances will be in the northeast corner of the park. Hope to see you there at 3:00 on Sunday the 6th.

Other stuff-
We have been invited to work with the fine folks at Cabelas to bring some metal detecting information to their customers. They are asking if we would like to present a seminar similar to our class 6 times throughout the weekend of June 13th and 14th. In return they are giving us a $100 Cabelas gift card. We will discuss volunteering opportunities on Sunday. I think it is important for us to accept this proposal and I am hoping to get a few people that can help at least in short shifts next weekend.

July 11- We are scheduled to do a class on July 11th with the City. I hope things with them have settled down and we can get back into the swing of doing classes. However I think we need to discuss what we would like in return so if you have ideas we can discuss them as well.

Thanks and I have to apologize for the late details about the meeting. However we don’t want to get tooooo organized!

Finally some air!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that makes this club possible and contributes to our success. I personally have been extremely busy and I want to thank Miner for stepping in and posting to the site. I also want to thank Vince for helping out in the big town of Mulvane on a lost ring post. These things mean a lot to me but I haven’t had time to focus on metal detecting and I’m thankful for everyone’s help. At any rate I just made plans (albeit loose) for our January meeting. I think we should try to metal detect at Cypress Park which is at 300 S. Edgemoor in Wichita. I hope to see everyone there and hopefully mother earth cooperates with us so we can all enjoy what we love so much.. Swinging!

On a much more serious note I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and I hope that you guys have had a great time with the people that matter most in your lives.

Steveouke *\_

The smile on her face says it all. Good work Vince

The smile on her face says it all. Good work Vince

November meeting and a little extra

Well, I want to start out by sharing information about our November meeting. We had the opportunity to hunt some private land that was arranged by one of our members. The site consisted of 8 empty lots on one block. The houses dated back to the 1950’s. The wind was howling but it was a pretty nice day overall. We started out with 6-8 guys but by the end of the hunt we had 10-12 join us.

Those of us that were at the hunt ready to roll!

Those of us that were at the hunt ready to roll!

Personally the only interesting thing I found was a 1944 coin from India and a couple of wheats. There were a few silver coins found and a whole handful of wheat pennies. I have to give out a big Thank you to Vince for sharing his site with the club. We had a great time! Now our December meeting will be an actual meeting and I have created a little survey below for you guys to state your opinions about. Please take a moment to respond and we will see what we come up with!